Department of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare

Government of India



1)      What is DBT?

Direct Beneficiary Transfer.


2)      What is the URl of the DBT Agri Portal?

3)      What is the Objective of the DBT Agri Portal?

·         Integration of Scheme MIS with Central Agri Portal

·         To share the aggregated data from Scheme MIS

·         Monthly Progress Report

·         Monitoring achievement through dashboard

·         Integration of DBT Agri Portal with DBT Bharat Mission Portal


4)      How to Integrate with DBT Agri Portal and Bharat Portal?

There are four level of Integration with DBT Agri Portal and Bharat Portal

--    Data Level  Integration

--    Aadhar Authentication integration

--    Monthly Progress Report (MPR)  Integration

--  Integration with DBT Bharat Mission                                 

5      What is the Pre requisite at Scheme MIS level to integrate with DBT Agri Portal?

ü  Scheme code to be generated through DBT Bharat Portal  which is 5 digit code and used in Scheme MIS.

ü  Location Master Mapped with LG Directory

ü  Incorporation of Search Utility with Farmar Portal through Web API

ü  Aadhar authentication Web Service

ü  Sharing of Farmer and Beneficiary transaction details to Central Agri DBT portal through Web Service

ü  Maintain the Farmer Unique Identification issued/shared by DBT Agri Portal during Farmer Registration at each Scheme MIS level

ü  Web API for aggregated figures of Scheme MIS to be developed at Scheme  MIS level for State wise

ü  DBT Agri Portal will Consume Web API from Scheme MIS for aggregated figures for State wise and Month wise

6)      What is the Advantages of MIS Integration?

ü  Centralized repository for Farmer and Beneficiary details

ü  Monthly Progress Report of Scheme MIS  integrated with DBT Agri Portal

ü  Centralized Aadhaar authentication through Web API

ü  Data transfer into DBT Agri Portal in real time mode

ü  Single Web API for sharing MPR to Bharat Portal for all schemes

ü  No delay in getting aggregated  figures of each scheme for State/District wise

ü  Easy monitoring of compiled Monthly Progress of each scheme through Dashboard

ü  Status report of each scheme

ü  Alert Mechanism with escalation on failure of MPR for the specific month

ü  To know number of benefits availed from different schemes by a single beneficiary


7)      How to fill MPR (34 parameters) which is to be sent to DBT Bharat Mission?

For the convenient, MPR data from respective MIS will be taken through Web Services and populated in the MPR form.  User has to confirm the aggregated figures. Only after confirmation this MPR data will be transferred automatically to DBT Bharat Mission on 10th of every month.

8)      What is last date of filling MPR at DBT Agri Portal?

10th of every month. On 10th evening the data of previous month MPR will be transferred to DBT Bharat Mission automatically.

9)      Can user update MPR data after sending to DBT Bharat Mission?



10)  How District level User can be created?

Initially DBT Administration will create State Level Admin User and will be shared to the State Level Nodal Officer and who can create District  level users for their respective State.